Rasmus Hald, Captain

Karbak HM 635
“My interest was on Razorlux when I saw an advertisement on facebook and could see they delivered brightness that were much more than those we had experienced.In use we found out that Razorlux not only shine more powerful, but also give more brightness than we had before and now we never have trouble seeing, if the trawls are unclear when we put them out at night.”

Mr. Eidur Petursson

Chief Engineer Kristina
“Few years ago we bought 5 good Razorlux Maritime LED floodlights to be used on deck. The high and well distributed brightness is what we wanted. We recently placed an additional order and I expect to ontinue replacing all the deck.”

Eiríkur Sigurdsson, Captain

Reval Viking EK 1202
“After three years of use in the harsh environment in the Greenland Sea and Svalbard area the Razorlux LED floodlights have exceeded our expectations. In winds up to 40m pr. sec and frost down to -30°C it is important to be able to rely on the floodlights 24/7. Their high lumen output is something we havn´t been used to but play a key role in making our work on deck easier and safer, if one can say so.”

Jóel Thordarson, Captain

Guðmundur í Nesi RE 13
“We are pleased with these LED lights from Razorlux. The high brightness they give provides an even light on the deck. Today there are hardly any shaded areas to be found.”

Angantýr Arnar Árnason, Captain

Kaldbakur EA 1
“Choosing Razorlux LED floodlights was a fantastic move. I haven’t seen any lighting as massive before. Today me and my crew hardly notice if it is a day or night while working in the harsh enviroment. No glare from the lights is another bonus.”

Mr. Sigurjón Sigurbjörnsson

First Mate at Polar Amaroq
“These Powerful LED floodlights increase safety on deck. Razorlux floodlights have set a new standard, my experience is that they have taken almost anything an ordinary light would not. Recently we have added the 1000W-20° at the bow and the 400W-20° at the stern with perfect results.”

Mark Hartery, Captain

Newfoundland Victor (Canada)
“The deck lighting is as good as it gets. We are pleased with the arrangement. The crew and equipment are highly visible at night and there are no shaded areas. Great brand.”

Geiri Pétursson, Captain

Tai-An (Argentina)
“Recently we started upgrating our lighting on deck. The first batch of Razorlux floodlights has made a dramatic change that my crew love, now they are pushing for completion. We will only be using Razorluz LED floodlights from now on.”


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