Self-produced products

Razorlux LED floodlights are tested and developed in cooperation with trawler fleet and their crew, shipyards and technicians from Razorlux Maritim AS and the Razorlux factory. This is how our products are developed for rough conditions, vibrations, radio interference and contact with salt water with the crew’s security in focus.

Our lamps go up to 1200 W and 144 000 lumen, with a working life of at least 100 000 hours and with 5 years guarantee. See our products here.

Razorlux gives you:

  • High security aboard
  • Daylight at night
  • Keep the crew better focused
  • Lamps who endure the tough conditions

High security aboard

Lighting that ensures safety and optimal working conditions should be granted during night operations. Therefore has our lamps undergone high requirements and approvals, and the end result is in top-class for maritime usage.

6000 K simulates daylight at night, and make sure the crew stays awake. Crew and equipment is well lit around the clock and you will have no shaded areas. We perform lighting calculations for vessels, read more about advice and analysis.

We do not only test in technical rooms, but also on the most important place - out in the ocean. High pace, stress, continuous vibration and salt water characterize the sea conditions, and high security is not only important, but necessary. The lighting system on the vessel is an important part of the security. In winds up to +40 m/s and degrees below -30 it is important to know you can trust Razorlux LED floodlights 24/7.

Among the most powerful LED floodlights in the world

Razorlux score very high in terms of light output, as well as durability in different conditions, also in extreme and demanding conditions. Razorlux has high lumen per watt and provides a lot of lux per square meter. The luminance is high, but also pleasing to the eye.

Developed for tough environments

Among the key players behind the production are more than 10 professors and doctors who have comitted their work in this developement. In the process some 100 patents have been filed and granted to secure the key posission in this fast growing LED floodlight industry.

Every piece of material is carefully selected and tested. Razorlux is also specially efficient towards ice, as ice has a hard time sticking to the glass. The products are, of course, noise-free for radio waves, so that they don’t interfere with the equipment on the bridge.

The right light

Razorlux produces deck light (floodlights) and bow light (search lights). Deck lights ensures optimal working conditions aboard, and the light color is as close to daylight as it gets. The right color gives less accidents. Bow lights or search lights can be used on both large and small vessels and areas, or for areas outside the boat when you need to see narrow areas of reefs or when approaching land.

All production has been worked with ISO-9001 quality control system and the products are UL, TUV, CE, SAA, certificated.

See our products here, or contact us, and we will help you.



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